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Lash.i.Candy located inside of Preston Towers on the second floor, across the street from Park Cities Baptist Church.


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Frequently Asked

Please view the list of frequently asked questions from clients. Reach out if you have further questions.

How long to wait before getting my lashes wet?

Wait at least 24 hours. This includes showering, splashing water on your face, visits to the sauna/steam room, swimming, crying, and sweating during exercise.

How do I clean my eye lashes?

Use water based make up remover, which is specially formulated for gently removing debris and oils around the eyes to prolong the life of your lashes and encourage their growth.

Will rubbing, picking or pulling my eye lashes damage it?

Yes. This can cause permanent damage to your natural eyelash.

Who do I contact if I experience signs of irritation?

Do contact Lash I Candy. Signs of irritation may appear as redness, itchiness, or swelling around the lash line, which may occur within 24 hours of the application. In case of an allergic reaction, the lash extensions might have to be removed. To avoid damage to your natural lashes, avoid removing the lashes extensions yourself. Please read on how to prepare for your appointment to minimize common allergy reaction.

Can I use cotton swabs to clean my lash line?

No. Always use a sponge applicator or a micro swab which can gently sweep across the base of your lashes without leaving behind trace fibers. After using cleansers, or when your lashes are wet from the shower, always pat them dry ─ avoid rubbing them with your towel.

Can I rub lashes minimally while washing my face?

Yes, but don’t excessively rub lashes or eyes while washing face.

Can I use oil-based eye products around or on my eyes?

No. Oil-based products around or on the eyes will dissolve the bonding agent of eyelash extensions.

Can I sleep face down?

Depending on the pillow you use. Avoid rubbing your eyes too aggressively on your pillow while sleeping.

Can I use regular, over the counter mascaras?

We recommend using mascara pencil that is specially formulated for eyelash extensions. Use the mascara only on the tips of the extensions – do not apply from the root of eyelashes! Ask the stylist on tips how to apply the mascara and brow pencil.

Is manual lash curlers appropriate?

No. This will break both extensions and natural lashes! Instead, we recommend using an advanced heated eyelash curler. Use to curl lashes only on the tips of the extensions, do not head from the room of the eyelashes.

What Is Eyebrow Waxing and How Does It Work?

It’s a fast way of removing one’s eyebrow hair. Our technician will spread wax on the hairs that need to be removed. Then place a paper-like strip onto the wax and rip it off. Only, the hairs which were waxed will be removed.

While this procedure sounds easy, it’s always best when it is done by a professional. Ripping off the paper stripped from waxed hairs pulls the hair from its roots hence leaving your skin bare. Depending on your growth, a technician may first use scissors to trim longer hairs.

Is Eyebrow Waxing Painful?

It’s slightly painful. But it’s just a slouch. It’s more of feeling uncomfortable than pained. Plus, it only lasts for some seconds. Also, the more you do it, the more you’ll get used to. So, you won’t be feeling painful since your hair will be less thick.

How Long Does Eyebrow Waxing Last?

Well, different people wax after different times. However, a general rule of thumb is that you tweeze after two weeks. Remember that once new hair appears, they’re others waiting behind to grow. So, it’ll be best that you pluck these hairs immediately they re-grow. Doing this will reduce your regular visits to a waxing salon. Generally, eyebrow waxing lasts from between 4-8 weeks.

Before Eyebrow Waxing What do I need to do?

For waxing to be effective, and painless, there are several things individuals should do before this procedure is done:

• Don’t pre-pluck as that will make it difficult for your stylist to achieve a perfect shape.
• Keep the brow area clean and free of lotions, makeup or moisturizers. Our technician will still wash the area, but it is best that you come looking as natural as possible.

We usually have a consultation with our clients about any allergies they have. However, if your stylist doesn’t ask, you should inform them if you’re allergic to any waxing product.

Eyebrow waxing is a quick and effective method of shaping your eyebrows. If you’re not sure about where to get waxed, why don’t you visit us today? Our expert stylist will work with you to bring out the shape you desire.
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